Elacloid Drive

Precise, lightweight and low-cost speed reducer unit


An Elastic Deformation Cycloid Drive

Elacloid Drive of MINTROBOT Co. Ltd. is a precise speed reducer unit that overcame the miniaturization limit of a traditional cycloid drive and realized lightweight. It can implement high-precision with cost-effective, and is suitable for the robot manipulators that can be used in casual and semi-industrial application.


High Presicion


The essential components of the Elacloid Drive are manufactured through precision machining in 0.001mm increments, and can ensure low backlash and angle transmission error. Compared to a planetary gear reducer of similar price, it shows remarkably low backlash and transmission error, and performs a precision of 90% compared to an expensive harmonic drive reducer.

elacloid weight_2.jpg



The Elacloid Drive uses an aluminum body to reduce unnecessary weight except the components required high hardness. This can help reduce the weight of the robot and also reduce the required power to support the weight of itself.

ECD-U-70 ONLY 470G / ECD-U-90 ONLY 830g


Cost-Effective Chart



Backlash and angle transmission test








Diameter (D)



Reduction Ratio (R)

40, 80

40, 100

Shaft (S)

HF(Hollow Flange), K(Key)

HF(Hollow Flange), K(Key)

Example : U7040HF

(1) Model Type
Unit Model -U

(2) Diameter
7025 - 70

(3) Reduction Ratio
Reduction Ratio : 1:40 - 40

(4) Shaft
Hollow Flange - HF



DH 70g6 90g6
DI 25 35
DO 25g6 35g6
DO' 38 49
HW 36.8 38.6
WO 3 3
WO' 1 1
WI 3 3
PCDFH 66 82
PCDO 20.5 26.5
DOH 14 17
AFHT 22.5 22.5
AFHP 11.25 11.25
TFH 8 x M3 DP12.00 8 x M4 DP12.00
HFH 8 x D2.00 H7 DP8.00 8 x D4.00 H7 DP8.00
TO 8 x M3 DP12.00 8 x M4 DP12.00
HO 8 x D2.00 H7 DP8.00 8 x D3.00 H7 DP8.00
PCDRH 66 84
PCDI 25 30
DIH 14 17
ARHT 22.5 22.5
TRH 8 x M2 DP12.00 8 x M3 DP12.00
TI 4 x M2 DP6.00 4 x M3 DP6.00
HI 4 x D2.00 H7 DP6.00 4 x D3.00 H7 DP6.00
Key type shaft hole
(key size follows standard)
8h7, 11h7 11h7, 13h7