A motion control platform with the world most famous open platform, Raspberry Pi


Mintrobot’s Embedded Platform – by Raspberry Pi

MEP-Pi is a real-time capable motion control platform by fully preempt kernel. It has realized the cost reduction of expensive real-time motion controllers by adapting open- platform technology. It can be a low-cost solution for implementing fieldbus communication based motion controllers, such as the EtherCAT Master.


With Raspberry Pi and Raspbian


Raspberry Pi is the most famous single board computer sold more than 15 million units worldwide. The quantities of the sold unit ensures the stability and reliability of the Raspberry Pi in terms of both H/W and S/W. MEP-Pi is constructed with Raspberry Pi and Raspbian, and it realizes stable and cost-effective solution.

flexible communication.png

Flexible Communication


MEP-Pi supports EtherCAT, RS485 and CAN interfaces which are the most commonly used fieldbus communication interfaces for robotic systems. It also provides the additional Ethernet port and 24V input/output signal ports for the integration with other subsystems.


Insulated Signal Interfaces


All signals including power and communication from the outside of MEP-Pi are insulated to ensure more protective environment. It can guarantee more safe and robust system against surge and noise from the outside environment.




Quad-core 64bit ARM Cortex-A53 (BCM2837 / Broadcom)

Power Source

DC 24V

Communication Interfaces

1 x CAN 2.0
1 x RS485
1 x EtherCAT (for EtherCAT Master)
1 x LAN (10/100 Mbps)
8 x Digital Input (24V)
8 x Digital Output (24V)


Raspbian (RT-Preempt  patched kernel 4.4)

EtherCAT Master

EtherLAB IgH EtherCAT Master

Motion Library


Tool Chain

IDE : Eclipse CDT
Compiler : SYSPROGS raspberry-gcc