A Sensible Robot Manipulator

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Ultra low-cost robot manipulator for collaborative works

MR6 is an ultra low-cost cooperative robot manipulator, which uses the core components of our own core component technologies.

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Special Joint Module


MR6 uses a special joint module developed by ourselves for cost reduction. We have developed a parallel drive actuator using multiple motors and a synchronous control drive for it. We also have developed a multi-turn detective absolute encoder for precise angular estimation, and combined them with our speed reducers to complete the joint module. It is a unique structure of MINTROBOT Co., Ltd. that differentiates itself from other products and is a key element for the development of ultra-low cost robot manipulators.


Collaboration Functions


MR6 provides functions for collaborative work with people. By providing a direct teaching function, users can teach the robot more conveniently, and it provides collision detection function to protect people and robot from unexpected situations.


Opened Control APIs


MR6 is basically driven by MEP-Pi and MTP. However, we provide the control APIs that can make MR6 driven by other system for users who want to use MR6 for R&D or other purposes. The user can request the opening of low-level APIs as needed, and they can use the low-level control commands such as the torque control after the responsibility agreement due to accident.

 Coming Soon. 

Coming Soon

Detailed specifications and information on this product will be available after launch.