An independent software toolkit to create robotic application


Mintrobot’s Teaching Pendant

MTP is a GUI based software toolkit to create robotic application. The users can create and edit robotic applications with a sequential execution structure, and also run and stop the created application to make the robot do desired jobs. It can be used for any robotic system if the users can integrate MTP with their robot by using provided APIs. Above all, MINTROBOT Co., Ltd. provides this software for FREE!

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MTP is freeware for the both commercial and non-commercial purposes without any limitation and regulation. You can just download and install MTP on your system, and do the porting process to integrate MTP with your robot by making the adapter software. Then, it will become the teaching pendant for your robot.




The interface of MTP is very intuitive enough to make robotic applications easily and quickly if you make a little effort. It can reduce the time and effort to make robotics application by using computer programming languages. Thus, It is helpful for people who are not familiar with the computer programming languages, such as field workers in a factory line and students getting training automation skills in vocational education.

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MTP is an independent software toolkit, which communicate with the motion controller of the robot through TCP/IP communication. Thus, the process of porting MTP into  robotic systems means that implementing the server/client program satisfying the required packets from the MTP software. Any kind of programming languages are available for implementing server/client program since the provided MTP does not need to be compiled within your codes.