The first value we emphasize is the people themselves. Every business we do starts with people and ends with people, and our entire staffs who do this are the biggest properties of the company.We regard this humanism to be the most important, and we shall ultimately contribute to the advances in human beings. 



We contribute to the advances in human beings through the manufacturing of robots. Robots can substitute boring repetitive labor and works in dangerous environment, and they can make people lives more convenient. The robots of ours do not threaten what people have now but help people to do concentrate for more valuable things. 

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The Earth

The Earth we are living now provides everything that we need to make robots. The Earth is the beginning of our business and at the same time we are obligated to environmentally preserve the Earth for our posterity.We will do our best to realize an ideal future that Human, Robot and the Earth can coexist with each other keeping with their own values.